First Things First…

Realizing that cybersecurity is (1) a business imperative, not an IT problem, and (2) every employee’s responsibility, not “the IT guy’s job,” is the first step to better data protection.


Education + Technology = Solution

We’re not here to scare you into tearing down your IT environment and starting over from scratch. Our job is to customize and build a protective shell around what you have and make sure you understand what needs to be done to protect your data.

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Years of experience

We’re cybersecurity professionals, not an IT service provider. Cybersecurity is a very specific discipline that requires the expertise of a specialist to keep your data safe.

Our Services

Solution 32’s Four Pillars of Cybersecurity

Security Awareness Training

We educate your team about the latest threats, cybersecurity best practices, and everyone’s role in protecting your data.

Backup & Business Continuity

Data backup and a disaster recovery plan can prevent costly downtime caused by criminals, weather, and other events.

Perimeter Protection

All internet traffic needs to be monitored around the clock to proactively identify and address threats in real-time.

Email Security

We use email encryption to keep data private and anti-phishing software to keep threats out of your inboxes.


We Keep Your Data Safe so You Can Rest Easy at Night

When Peter Suchodolski and Jim Hicks decided to launch a technology company in 2004, they wanted to be different. They wanted to partner with smaller companies that were underserved in the marketplace. They wanted to understand how each client’s business functioned. They wanted to be a long-term, collaborative partner for each client. The original vision for Solution 32 continues to shine through today in every client relationship.

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