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Prevent Office Networking Issues & Cybersecurity Threats

Many small and large companies face cybersecurity issues because they are not serious about strengthening their network security. They don’t realize that network issues can result in a cyberattack which can wreak havoc. If you want to eliminate the risk of cyber threats, you should evaluate your networking and improve your company’s security infrastructure.

Office Networking Issues and Top Cybersecurity Problems

Before improving your company’s network security, you have to understand the common networking issues and top security problems. Here are some network security problems that you might face:

1. Account Security

According to statistics published in Harvard Business Review, more than 60 percent of cyber attacks are inside jobs. Whether an honest mistake or not, you have to protect your business’ internal security system. The major security problem that many businesses encounter is the access of employees’ accounts data in the wrong hands.

You can reduce the risk of data theft and account misuse by limiting user access. There are numerous tools available on the internet to mitigate the risks. These tools create an endpoint and allow data availability to relevant employees only.

2. Worms and Viruses

Everyone is aware of malicious programs and data and how it infects the systems. These programs attach to the host file or systems and destroy important company data. You can block these programs from dominating the system by strengthening the system. Numerous anti-malware tools are available to eliminate the malicious program and files from hijacking the system. However, you need to keep these tools up-to-date to create a protective layer throughout the network.

3. Ransomware

Ransomware is a huge challenge for businesses, especially after the pandemic. Attackers search for the loophole in the network infrastructure and download infected files and systems. After taking over the system, they encrypt data and threaten the company to delete the files. These cybercriminals ask for hefty ransom from the company.

You can protect your company from a ransomware attack by updating the security patches, downloading antivirus, and educating your employees on ways to identify phishing attacks. Another solution to this cyberattack is creating a data backup.

4. Poor Defense

Cybercriminals search for loopholes in network security to breach the core system. However, when you have an open network structure, you are jeopardizing your entire company. In an open network, attackers enter inside the system and take over the entire system.

If you want to avoid any attempt of a security breach, you should create a strong network security protocol. An effective strategy would be to create segments in the network to slow down the attacker. Also, you can create traps for cyber criminals so they can’t breach the core system.

5. Insufficient Security Management 

Even if you have a reliable security network, you cannot protect your system without proper management. Cybercriminals use new techniques to breach the security network. When you don’t have skilled employees who can protect the security system with alerts, they can easily fall into the trap. If you want to minimize the damage, you should educate your employees and hire a talented team. When you hire skilled teams, they can secure the systems and eliminate the risks of security threats.


If you want to build a robust security network for your business, you should collaborate with professional data security teams such as Solution32. Solution32 have a specialized team that offers solutions to businesses and help them improve their security network. Furthermore, they will evaluate your current security network and identify the loopholes.

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